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Onward We Forge

This week many citizens around the globe felt despair from the results of the U.S. election. It is up to each of us to turn that around. We denounce hate, bigotry, misogyny and fear with love. Find your joy, your … Continue reading

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Flooding and Firestorm, Climate in Crisis

This has been a horrendous week in America for climate-driven disasters. Louisiana suffered its second 1-in-500-year rainfall events since March. This time the state received 1.6 trillion gallons or the equivalent of 10.4 million Olympic swimming pools of water, killing … Continue reading

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Deadly Heat Waves Rising

Earlier this month, the annual State of the Climate report validated that 2015 eclipsed 2014 as the hottest year since the inception of continuous record keeping in 1880. Four hundred and fifty of my colleagues from 62 countries worked to … Continue reading

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Amazon Rainforest Third Major Drought 11 Years

South America’s Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical jungle on the planet. It’s crucial habitat for one in 10 of the 1.6 million known species on Earth. More than 1,000 tree species live in an acre of Amazonia. The Amazon … Continue reading

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New York City Zero Waste by 2030

New York City is truly transforming itself into a 21st century leader, embracing nature and the concept of zero waste. In nature, there is no waste or unemployment. Everything eats and all life is interdependent. On Earth Day, New York City’s … Continue reading

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Earth’s 12-Month Heat Streak

On Wednesday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced the 12th consecutive month of record-high global temperatures, marking a yearlong heat spell that my colleagues say is an irrefutable harbinger of the fossil fuel-driven climate crisis. Using NASA’s Goddard Institute for … Continue reading

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Greenland’s Record-Breaking Melt

Last weekend, while the Northeast shivered from unseasonably frigid temperatures, Greenland was broiling. Warm, southerly winds gust to hurricane force of over 75 mph in a staggering early season heatwave. Temperatures hit 36 degrees Fahrenheit (20 Celsius) above average along the southwest coast … Continue reading

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Portland Begins Future Proofing

The race to withdraw from dependence upon climate-altering fossil fuels has begun in Portland, Ore. Portland intends on generating electricity from turbines installed in its city water pipes. Portland is one of the most environmentally conscious cities on the globe. … Continue reading

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