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Senseless Destruction of Perth’s Beeliar Wetlands

A $1.9 billion transportation upgrade plan, conceived and funded partially in 2014 by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s cabinet, and agreed upon by Western Australia’s (WA) Liberal Premier Colin Barnett, is destroying ancient wetlands. The Beeliar Wetlands, made up of … Continue reading

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Going Home To The Redwoods

Last week in San Francisco, I took several hours and went back to my roots among the majestic redwoods in Muir Woods. Muir Woods National Monument is a remnant stand of ancient coastal redwoods, the tallest tree species on the … Continue reading

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Dead Forests, Shocking Wake-up Call

Last week the U.S. Forest Service released their latest survey on California’s dying forests. Since May, 36 million trees have perished, bringing the total for the year to 66 million dead trees. The death rate of trees in the Golden … Continue reading

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Amazon Rainforest Third Major Drought 11 Years

South America’s Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical jungle on the planet. It’s crucial habitat for one in 10 of the 1.6 million known species on Earth. More than 1,000 tree species live in an acre of Amazonia. The Amazon … Continue reading

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Nature Collapsing On Land and Under the Sea

Earlier this week, Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, called global warming ”bullsh*t” and a “hoax” that was “created for and by the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing noncompetitive.” Nature — our life support system — is … Continue reading

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End Animal Captivity

My thoughts are still lingering with Harambe, the silverback gorilla shot on Saturday at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens because a mother lost track of her four-year-old son who climbed over a fence and fell into a gorilla enclosure. … Continue reading

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New York City Zero Waste by 2030

New York City is truly transforming itself into a 21st century leader, embracing nature and the concept of zero waste. In nature, there is no waste or unemployment. Everything eats and all life is interdependent. On Earth Day, New York City’s … Continue reading

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1080 Kills Wild Australia

Australia’s native animals are facing a stunning onslaught of feral cats. Just how bad is it and what can be done to correct the imbalance? Domesticated house cats, Felix catus, were brought from Europe to Australian in 1804, and by 1820 … Continue reading

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Nature Collapsing, Fossil Fuels Culprit

It is of the utmost importance that the climate negotiators in Paris understand that nature is collapsing on land and under the sea as we cross the 1 degree Celsius threshold.   Ancient trees are the greatest carbon dioxide warehouses … Continue reading

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