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Protecting Beloved Antarctic Whales, Sea Shepherd

Children love whales and so do I. Me and millions of other compassionate people around the globe. Whales are sentient mammals. Their majesty evokes awe. The presence of whales in the sea is crucial, not only for the health and … Continue reading

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Shongolulu Fights The Sixth Great Extinction

Yesterday I spent a couple hours with a grade two class in Los Angeles. The children asked me, “Why are big game hunters driving African lions to extinction?” I explained that certain affluent people crave power and exert their brutality … Continue reading

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Marching Against The Sixth Great Extinction

This morning in Los Angeles, empowered by the Zulu legend of Shongolulu, we marched from the La Brea Tar Pits to the South African Consulate where my friend Ellen Ericksen hand delivered a letter demanding an end to the ivory … Continue reading

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Ocean Extinction – Unprecedented

Humans are driving an unprecedented extinction of sea life. A study this week from Stanford University found that humans are killing off great white sharks, fin whales, and bluefin tunas like never before compared to the previous five mass extinctions. … Continue reading

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The Age of Climate Instability

This week scientists gathered at the International Geological Congress in Cape Town, South Africa to officially recognize the Earth has entered the Anthropocene Epoch. The new epoch began in the 1950s with nuclear bomb testing, industrial agriculture, human-caused climate disruption … Continue reading

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Stop Killing Sharks Western Australia

Why is Premier Collin Barnett’s Western Australian government killing great white and tiger sharks again? It is a haunting question that has badgered me for a couple years. There have been two shark incidents over the past fortnight in Western … Continue reading

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