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2016 Vicious Year For Manatees

Florida’s state mammal, the gentle giant Manatees faced a horrific year in 2016. Manatees, like their colossal land relatives, elephants, live to a ripe old age of 60 years. They grow over 12 feet in length, weighing almost one ton. … Continue reading

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Love is the Solution

In the wake of the horrid Dallas massacre of law enforcement officers and innocent victims, it’s time for a healing, and the tonic is love: Love of oneself, love of thy neighbor, and love of nature — our life support systems. Love … Continue reading

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Cosmetics and Shark Squalene

On Monday at the CBS Studios in Los Angeles, I joined Will Haynes to shoot “Shark After Dark” digital segments for Discovery’s Shark Week, which airs at the end of the month. We worked around host Eli Roth and his … Continue reading

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End Animal Captivity

My thoughts are still lingering with Harambe, the silverback gorilla shot on Saturday at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens because a mother lost track of her four-year-old son who climbed over a fence and fell into a gorilla enclosure. … Continue reading

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Thirty-Three Lions Rescued from Vile Circuses

On Friday Animal Defenders International airlifted 33 lions — most in poor health — rescued from circuses in Peru and Columbia. These awesome big cats will be returned to their homeland in Africa to live in an animal sanctuary. The president of Animal … Continue reading

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