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Senseless Destruction of Perth’s Beeliar Wetlands

A $1.9 billion transportation upgrade plan, conceived and funded partially in 2014 by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s cabinet, and agreed upon by Western Australia’s (WA) Liberal Premier Colin Barnett, is destroying ancient wetlands. The Beeliar Wetlands, made up of … Continue reading

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An Overheating Planet

2016 was the hottest year ever recorded at 1.26C above preindustrial times. Life as we know it is in dire jeopardy because humans are pumping heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere 10X faster than during the previous 66 million years. … Continue reading

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Mass Die-Off Indicates Ocean Sickness

The latest wave of ocean die-offs in the North Atlantic adds to a long list of mass mortality events indicating that marine creatures are in peril. Man-made heat infused into the oceans from climate-altering fossil fuels has doubled since 1997. That’s … Continue reading

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2016 Vicious Year For Manatees

Florida’s state mammal, the gentle giant Manatees faced a horrific year in 2016. Manatees, like their colossal land relatives, elephants, live to a ripe old age of 60 years. They grow over 12 feet in length, weighing almost one ton. … Continue reading

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Going Home To The Redwoods

Last week in San Francisco, I took several hours and went back to my roots among the majestic redwoods in Muir Woods. Muir Woods National Monument is a remnant stand of ancient coastal redwoods, the tallest tree species on the … Continue reading

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Scientists Rally For Climate Action, San Francisco

This week in San Francisco, over 23,000 American Geophysical Union (AGU) scientists formed the world’s largest Earth and Space Science conference, presenting scientific findings and displaying professional integrity in support of climate science. At the meeting, the National Oceanic & … Continue reading

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Protecting Beloved Antarctic Whales, Sea Shepherd

Children love whales and so do I. Me and millions of other compassionate people around the globe. Whales are sentient mammals. Their majesty evokes awe. The presence of whales in the sea is crucial, not only for the health and … Continue reading

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Students Join Veterans At Standing Rock

I spent a few days with students in Environmental Science at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. They are deeply concerned with the state of our planet and nature collapsing. We talked about how the oceans are warming 1.5 to … Continue reading

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Dead Forests, Shocking Wake-up Call

Last week the U.S. Forest Service released their latest survey on California’s dying forests. Since May, 36 million trees have perished, bringing the total for the year to 66 million dead trees. The death rate of trees in the Golden … Continue reading

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Shongolulu Fights The Sixth Great Extinction

Yesterday I spent a couple hours with a grade two class in Los Angeles. The children asked me, “Why are big game hunters driving African lions to extinction?” I explained that certain affluent people crave power and exert their brutality … Continue reading

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